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Winter 2019

Important Updates


In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road

This past fall a bypass road was constructed around the ‘cliff’ section of the FSR to permit uninterrupted work on this section of the road this coming summer.  The bypass road essentially follows the original road up to the 2nd switchback on Highway 99. The bypass is quite a steep grade and will be challenging to drive this summer.

The following note was just received from Forest Services:

“The funding has now been secured funds and a contract has been awarded for the much anticipated work between 0-2 km on the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road. As most of you know, this stretch of road has plagued us for years, therefore this project will be a significant first step towards improving safety for all road users.

I do appreciate everyone’s input thus far, and for everyone’s continued support to get this project done. I do also appreciate with a project of this scale, there are likely to be short-term disruptions for road users; disruptions we are hoping to minimise by compressing the schedule and utilising the bypass road during the summer months.

Some key dates at this point; April 1st – project start up, July / August -anticipated use of bypass road, October 31 – substantial project completion. As we refine the work schedule, I will be sure to circulate that information to this group.”


Strawberry Point is in the Midst of a Makeover

The following is a posting on the Lil’wat Nation website.

“Construction of additional parking facilities and up to 25 vehicle-accessible camping sites will be taking place this spring at Strawberry Point Recreation Site. The objectives of this development are to:
• Reduce environmental damage and risk to wildlife
• Restrict overnight use to a robust area and cap it at a sustainable level
• Protect water quality
• Reduce public safety risk

Over the years, we have seen an increase in campers and day users at Strawberry Point. We have heard complaints of partying, campfires during the fire ban, and parking overflowing onto the Forest Service road. Concerns have been expressed about the impacts of these activities to the land, water, wildlife, and public safety.

The campsite development was proposed by the Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resources Development, which is responsible for managing this site. A land use referral outlining the proposed development was sent to the Lil’wat Land and Resources Department in the spring of 2018. The referral was reviewed by the Lil’wat Land Use Referral Committee. The Referral Committee supported the objectives for the campsite and further recommended that the Land and Resources Department carry out an archaeological impact assessment, to ensure the construction does not impact archaeological sites and to ensure the camp sites are located away from archaeologically sensitive areas. Archaeological sites may include culturally modified trees, or cultural depressions from previous s7ískten (pit house) sites.

The Referral Committee also put the Province on notice that Strawberry Point is a traditional use site for the Lil’wat Nation, and Lil’wat people maintain the right to continue to use this area for traditional use practices, including the establishment of a fish camp.

The archaeological assessment was completed last fall. The study concluded that the area for the campsite has low potential for the presence of archaeological sites, but still recommends that archaeological monitors be onsite during construction.

On January 18, 2019, initial tree clearing occurred at the site, but construction of the campsites will not occur until snow melt in the spring. A Lil’wat Cultural Technician and a Registered Professional Archaeologist will be on-site to monitor the construction. The construction will be carried out by Lil’wat Forestry Ventures.”

LLE had no advance notice that this work would be done and so the board had me write to get more information. The following is a portion of the response from forestry.

“Forestry will be restricting camping to the new drive in sites only. The beach area will be a no camping area.  Once the sites are completed we will have a site operator on site as well as increased NRO presence to move people from the beach.

We will not be cutting a fire break. As part of the project we will be doing fuel reduction to fire proof the site. This entails the removal of dead wood, low limbs, woody debris etc. In the area surrounding the sites.

We will be moving all the garbage cans from the parking lot to within the campsite loop. This area will be gated in the off-season. I hope to reduce the accumulation of garbage by making it more difficult for the general public to access the cans.

In general we are trying to bring more structure to the camping at Strawberry and also reduce the amount of use to a sustainable level.”
Alistair McCrone
Recreation Officer
Southern Sunshine Coast/
Sea to Sky Recreation District

Fire Smart

This is becoming a regular part of our newsletters because the danger is increasing every year. These hot dry summers make the lake a fun place to be, but the fire danger in our province and in our estate requires our constant attention. We will be purchasing additional fire fighting equipment this spring. As well we will be hosting additional training on Saturday May 18th. Details will be posted as we get closer. Please circle that day and plan to attend. We will discuss such things as:

• Air Horns
• Tree management
• Fire Proofing Lots
• Fire Smart Web site

Debtors / Late Assessments

We continue to do well at collecting outstanding fees however the definition of good should be no debts to collect.

Please pay on time as we do impose handling fees for late collections. It requires more staff time and hence costs to send out 2nd and 3rd notices. This is not a cost that should be bourn by the general shareholders hence the additional fee.

We will be posting the overdue list on our web site for easy reference.

Sad News

George passed away on Dec 29/18 at Lions Gate Hospital after a very courageous battle with bone cancer and leukemia. George was President of Lillooet Lake Estates for several years and will be missed by our community.

George and Shirley built a home on Lillooet Lake and spent much of his time there with his family and friends. It was one of his favourite places to be. Nothing gave him more pleasure than to have his family and friends surrounding him at the dining room table at the lake.

A celebration of life will be held at a later date.

Electric Gates

This project was approved at our 2018 AGM. Funding was approved for gates at 1 and 4. That decision was quite timely given that the new Strawberry Point plans will no doubt result in surprised ‘spill over’ campers looking for a new camping spot. The gates are made; the equipment is on site, and will be installed in the spring.

Catiline Debris-flow Project

It is now 6 years since the last debris torrent came down the Catiline ‘shoot’.

Unfortunately, if we look at the recent history of this creek/ mountain, we are aware that we could experience another debris torrent’ soon and there is no way to predict how big it might be. The risk to life and property is very significant.

The SLRD, on behalf of our community, has submitted a new grant application to the Investing In Canada Infrastructure Program.

As part of the debrief of our last failed grant application, federal government staff directed us to this program and suggested that this might be a good fit for our project. Let’s hope that the team, charged with reviewing our application, sees it the same way.

Thanks to you all for your ongoing support.

Special thanks to Graham Haywood of the SLRD, for his assistance in helping me prepare this application and to the SLRD for making the submission on our behalf.

As well we would like to thank our engineering teams KWL and BGC, who continue to provide us with additional advice as we strive to answer what was a quite a detailed set of grant questions.

Hopefully, I will be reporting good news to you in the next few months.

Louis Potvin

For the first time since our little community was first envisaged by Louis back in the early 70’s, he is not on site. Louis has moved to a residence in Squamish. We wish him well in his new ‘digs’.

2019 AGM

It is our intention to host the 2019 AGM in early May this year for a number of technical reasons. May 9th is the tentative date we have circled. We will have a number of important items on the agenda including:

• Election of 2019 board. Nominations are open until the election.
• A report from our new community safety committee
• Some minor revisions to our Trust Indenture
• An update on the Heather Jean application for reclassification to bare strata
• The 2019 budget
• An update on the Cataline Project
• Some thoughts about a tree management program
• An update on the BC Assessment changes as they pertain to LLE

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