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Welcome, Owner

Shareholders of LLE – Welcome to our new web site.

If you read this note the first few days of December you may notice that we have not yet been planted our site properly on the new host and therefore you were required to follow a strange URL.  Our move to a new permanent host will occur in the next few days after which will work.

This new site has a number of additional features.

Firstly, whenever something new is put on the site you will receive a brief email blast letting you know about the change. This is why your completion of a profile with your email address is vital to ensure your receive future communications with LLE. Please note that more than one resident of any lot can be registered on this site as our intent is to create a community that can communicate with each other and know more about what is going on ‘at the lake’. There are a few of you who do not have an email address. This feature may allow you to have someone act as a mailbox for you. Alternately you can check our site from time to time.

Given some past unfortunate situations we have designed this site so that your personal information, password etc. is protected from visitors and other shareholders. If you wish to communicate with another shareholder, the note will be sent from our site without an e mail trail. If you wish to respond the site will manage the communication and continue to provide you with protection. Now if you wish to share your contact information with someone that is of course your personal choice.

Another big benefit of the site is that we will be able to post much larger documents such as newsletters with pictures.

The first large document of importance is the draft BGC engineers report which deals with the Cataline corridor slides. This report indicates where the risk areas are as of today and proposes three possible solutions intended to reduce the risk. The LLE board will be meeting on Dec 13 to review this report and develop a set of strategies with the intent of making the community safe in the future. If you have any thoughts feel free to post them on this site or talk to your gate rep on the board. The engineers are committed to meeting with all of our shareholders to further further explain their findings and recommendations. We are planning this community meeting and may tie it into an early AGM. The meeting will likely occur in late January or early February. Our hope is that some other organizations that are impacted by Cataline slides will have information to put on the table at our community meeting (e.g. SLRD, Forest Services etc). Obviously some of the other issues impacting LLE are directly related to a successful mitigation of the slide area associated risks.

Committees will be able to post their work plans and progress. As well this site will encourage discussions within a gate on ‘neighbourhood’ matters.

These are busy days as we move forward. If you have time, interest and skills please let us know as we have a busy work plan to accomplish.



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