LLE AGM Thursday, June 16th 7-9pm

Summer Has Arrived 2017

We had quite a winter here at LLE.  It was probably the coldest and longest in recent memory but now summer has arrived.

Forest Fires

The province is experiencing a very difficult fire season.

To date we have been very fortunate that no fires have been seen in or around our community but that could change very quickly.

Two years ago the FSR provided a very helpful fire prevention workshop to a group of LLE owners. Among other things, we learned that all fallen branches and other debris should be removed from every lot. As well branches on trees should be removed below the 7’ mark to make it more difficult for fire to move along the ground. It is also recommended that all trees and other combustibles should be removed within 10M of your lake house.
We have a designated burn pile at gate 2 near our water lot. Obviously no burning can occur until the fall.

Please clean your lot or hire someone to do it on your behalf. This action could save lives and buildings in our community.

Emergency Notification System – Everyone needs to sign up
Our internal notification system for residents of LLE is not reliable at this date. However, the good news is that the SLRD has developed a very useful tool for us all called SLRD Alert.
The SLRD Alert is an emergency notification system that enables the SLRD to communicate important information quickly in the event of emergencies.  When an emergency occurs, telephone, text or email messages will be sent to all registered contacts in the impacted area. Emergency notices, including evacuation alerts and orders, instructions, directions to emergency reception centres or shelters, and information on family reunification will be among the messages that could be sent out during an emergency. 
Please sign up at:


The cold winter caused some damage to our community water system. Most of the breaks have now been fixed. Some of you may find breaks in your lines from the curb to your property. Please be prepared to fix any breaks so that we do not lose water. It is difficult for LLE to find leaks on private lots but if we must, to avoid water loss  we will either fix the problem or simply shut off your water. You will be charged if LLE staff time is required.

New Speed Limits – 20K

The board has responded to a number of complaints and concerns about road safety by setting a speed limit of 20K on all LLE roads. This will provide better safety and less wear and tear on our roads.

Bears and Garbage

We have our bear(s) back after the winter. Please contain all garbage and remove it as often as possible. Strawberry Point camp ground has experienced much higher than normal usage this year. Over 130 cars were reported about a month ago. While the park maintenance team do their best, the overload of garbage acts as an attractant. Lets all do our part.

2017 Annual assessments (Your lot fees)

Just a reminder, your 2017 annual assessments were due as of June 30th . If you did not receive your invoice, please let us know and we will send you a copy.

To avoid interest charges please send your payment promptly to: Lillooet Lake Estates, PO Box 845, Pemberton BC, V0N 2L0.

Also Treasurer Mike has made it easier to make your payment using Interac E-Transfer. If you choose to pay using this method, please send your payment to: Mike_Bjelos@telus.net

Your payment will be deposited directly into LLE’s bank account.

Lot Improvement Taxes

LLE has recently been made aware that a number of tax accounts for lot improvements were outstanding. The provincial tax collector informed LLE that if the delinquent accounts were not brought up to date by July 4th, 2017  he may initiate bailiff proceedings.

While the large majority of lot owners did receive their improvement tax notice for payment a small number of lot/improvement owners have not been receiving their tax notice and instead, the tax notice has been forwarded to the parent holding company, DL4901 Lillooet Lake Holding Co Ltd. which is listed on title as the land owner.

Further, investigation by Director Hamilton indicated  that some of the government records are incomplete. We will work with tax collection and BCA to ensure their contact information is up to date and that the improvement tax notices are delivered to the lot owner. However, it is ultimately up to the lot owner to make sure that BCA and tax collection has your current mailing address.

In considering the big picture, the Executive  decided to make the payment on the outstanding  improvement taxes to avoid bailiff proceedings, compounding interest, and to keep our grant and loan applications in good standing.

If you are one of the 13 owners that have not yet paid, please be advised that we are providing you with a  30 day grace period to make your accounts right with LLE before charging handling costs and interest. Send your payments to LLE as you would for your annual assessment. (see address above) The deadline for you to pay will be Aug. 15th.

If you have any question about the bill itself feel free to call:  Andrew.MacInnes@gov.bc.ca  1 866 566 3066 extension 1147 (toll free within Canada)

Catiline Creek Debris Flow Mitigation Update

The SLRD invited us to prepare a Federal Gas Tax Grant application to support the proposed work on Catiline Creek. Working with their staff we crafted a grant proposal requesting the maximum $6M dollars. Subsequently, the proposal was submitted on our behalf by the SLRD board. The total project cost will be around $7.5 M. The provincial forestry has also committed about $1.3 M to the project.  We have no idea how long we will need to wait to see if this grant is approved. We can only hope and pray.

We also plan to work with this SLRD to submit a grant application to a National Disaster Mitigation Fund which is due in late August. The total available through this grant would be $3M so we would need to borrow the remainder if the first grant is not available but this one is approved.

We continue to meet with the various provincial approving bodies in an attempt to get other requirements approved to avoid delays if the funds come through.

Parties/ Camp Fires / Dogs etc

It is timely to remind everyone that loud music etc should cease at 11PM for the peace and enjoyment of all including our young families.

Also please control your pets.

Note: A camp fire ban is now in effect until further notice in all sections of the province.




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