LLE AGM Thursday, June 16th 7-9pm

Spring Newsletter

Annual General Meeting

In attendance: 56

We struggled a bit with Zoom because of the requirement to register early to gain entry. Thanks for having patience as we allowed some last minute folk into the gathering.
The results of the gate elections produced the board as follows:

Gate 1- Peter Bjuman, Avrid Issak
Gate 2 lower- Daniel Jensen, Chris Malthaner
Gate 2 upper- Sid Wong, Aileen Greene
Gate 4- Robie Thorne, Gary Young
Gate 5- John Mortimer, Bill Hamilton
Gate 6+- Lydia Bradshaw, Heather Baker

The 2021 Budget was approved in keeping with the recommendation as sent to all shareholders.

As well three changes were made to our TI and a 4th was deferred for further consideration.

Hopefully next year we will be able to attend our AGM in person again.


With the approval of the annual budget, new projects have been initiated.

Common Lots

Gate 4 Lot
A beach and a fire pit have been created.
As well there will be a portapotie installed for the summer months.

The boat ramp entrance has been extended. Please don’t park in a manner that blocks the ramp.

The team also built new boat racks that should accommodate about 20 watercrafts.
If you have a boat please use the racks to save space.
Please put a tag with your name and lot number on the boat. We will eventually move boats that are not claimed.

Gate 1 lot has also been improved with better road and parking access.


Our roads have now been improved with gravel, grading, and a dust suppression treatment. Please drive slowly and avoid spinning in lose gravel. It will help protect our roads.

Water system

The water system continues to function well. The water is tested regularly.

While the water quality is great, we do have a limited supply and of course it all requires treatment.

We need to be more vigilant about conserving water.

Please check your connections regularly and turn off your line at the curb when you leave for any extended period of time. Also, please, please do not leave any water running beyond required usage.

We would request owners to report any and all water leaks of any significance and high usage events (like filling swimming pools), or lines/hoses mistakenly left open. It is great if you find and solve a leak problem but if we don’t know the problem is solved, our maintenance team will continue to look for leaks. Please drop us a note to let us know

Also, for people with automated watering systems please set them so that they come on at low water use times, early morning or later in the evenings but not between 2:00 am and 3:00 which is our window to check the flow meter while usage is minimal.

Fire Protection

After our near miss last summer, we hope everyone is more vigilant about controlling fires. We have upgraded our fire rating to moderate and with hot dry weather that will likely change again soon. There is signage beside the Lillooet Lake Signage beside gate 1 on the FSR. Please get in the habit of checking this regularly.

We have already experienced a few person initiated fires in and around the estate in the last few weeks and there was a larger fire at Driftwood Bay last weekend.

It is again time to be very vigilant and fireproof your lot ASAP.

Forest Service Road

Work is progressing on the narrow section at km 1. I have posted a few photos of the work on our Lillooet Lake Face Book page.

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