LLE AGM April 8th via Zoom

Spring 2017

Spring has finally arrived at LLE after the longest winter we have seen in recent memory. With spring we are beginning to see lots of part time lot owners arriving to ‘open up’ their cabins.

At our recent AGM a new board was elected.

Your reps are as follows:

Gate 1   

Arvin Isaak                       (604) 850-3124           isaak@shaw.ca

Erich Klassen                   (604) 572-7580           ejklassen16@shaw.ca

Lower Gate 2  

Chris Malthaner (VP)        (604) 902-2383          chrismalthaner@yahoo.ca

Daniel Jensen                  (778) 865-8225           neckdownworkwear@gmail.com

Upper Gate 2     

Mike Bjelos (Treasurer)     (604) 737-2377          Mike_Bjelos@telus.net

Kimberly Wong                  (604) 299-2954         kimpoysun@gmail.com

Gate 4     

Robie Thorn                     (604) 902-0188           robiethorn@yahoo.ca

Gary Young (Pres.)           (778) 227-1982           garyyoungca@gmail.com

Gate 6    

Lydia Bradshaw              (604) 526-7961            lydiabradshaw@shaw.ca

Bob Prior  (Secretary)     (604) 316-8425            bobprior604@gmail.com

Gate 5, 7,8,9,10  

Bill Hamilton                   (604) 351-4400             bill.hannacommercial@gmail.com

Ralph Steinhauser          (604) 916-4696              ralph@westcoastsolar.ca

At this time please join me is offering a special thanks to volunteers: Rose Fast, Jody Wilson, Paul Palmer, Bill Bowie and Harold Mulzet, who all retired from the board after several years of diligent service.


Along with spring come our local wildlife. As the bears come down the mountain. of course we all need to be vigilant about our garbage. We were recently informed by Fish and Wildlife that Bird Feeders / seeds around a property all also not permitted.


Each year we search for volunteers to take on various challenges. Often local gates get together and do clean ups,and other improvements: As an example Gate 1 recently had a crew working on their common lot.  Contact your local gate rep to help manage projects of particular interest to you or to offer your services to one of the following standing committees:

  • Public Works
  • Governance / Ownership Structure
  • Community Safety
  • Hydro / Communication
  • Finance / Assessments

We are also looking for someone to take on the task of setting up archives for all of our Lillooet Lake Estates records which now date back to 1977.

Old (Abandoned) Vehicles

We have a number of old and in some cases abandoned vehicles that should be removed from our community. Does any one know a company that would come and pick them up for scrap?

Summer Fun

As we come up to what we hope will be a fun summer at the lake, we would like to remind everyone to please control late night parties and be cognizant of the fact that you do have neighbours ,some with small children. Please reduce the noise to a whisper after 11PM.

Also, please control your dogs so that they are not annoying others.

Finally we have noted previously that a few people are driving at excessive speeds. This is dangerous and destructive to our roads.

2017 Invoice

Your 2017 fees will be mailed to you on the next few weeks.



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