Be sure water lines are shut off and drained before winter!

SLRD correspondence

Attached you will find a letter to your attention penned by the SLRD. The LLE board cannot provide your (shareholder) address and e-mail to the SLRD because we are abound by rules related to ‘limited companies’. If you choose to supply this information with them directly that is your prerogative.

The Board or LLE does share a common interest with the SLRD – your safety. As such we have agreed to pass on this communication from our regional district with you.

In keeping with the directive of our recent Annual General Meeting the board is pursing all avenues that have the potential to implement the preferred solution as proposed by BGC Engineers to render our community safe as soon as possible. We will continue to post information and our actions on our web site as they unfold.

In the meantime please review the attached letter intended for the shareholder of your lot.

Please be reminded that the full BCG Engineers report is posted on our web site and also on the SLRD web site.

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