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Waterworks Project Update – May 2005

Lillooet Lake Estates Waterworks has received a Construction Permit from Coast Garibaldi Health. Construction of the catchment structure to contain the Babikoff spring has begun. The purpose of the structure is to completely isolate the spring from any possible contamination from surface water that may occur nearby. The concrete structure is completed with drainpipes, supply lines, and overflow lines installed. A small wooden structure and roof will finish it off to completely seal it from the outside elements. The spring water is flowing out of the rocks with no organic matter in sight. The spring water is also crystal clear with no trace of turbidity.

The excavation for the tank array (eight storage tanks), treatment building, and one mixing tank is complete. The roadway has been improved to accommodate dump trucks and cement trucks for the construction of the treatment building foundation, which is to begin the first week of May. Once the foundation is complete, then the tanks can be installed and the plumbing started to configure the tanks.

In the meantime, this spring has been extremely bad for high turbidity run-off in Cataline Creek as anyone who has used the water lately can attest. When the creek looks like café latte, it is next to impossible to remove all the silt. In the last week, the intakes have plugged up three times from all the rocks and sand cascading down the creek bed.

During periods like this, the spigot at Franks Landing (the landing on the left as you enter the development on the forest service road just past Gate 1), which is connected to the Babikoff spring, is a godsend. Many people are filling their water bottles there to provide for clean and clear drinking water.

Although the water from the spring exceeds Canadian water standards in every way, we are required to bring it to your attention that Lillooet Lake Estates Waterworks is not chlorinating the spring water yet as we have been told to do by Coast Garibaldi Health. As a result, the spring water remains under a Boil Water Advisory. This will end as soon as we begin to add some chlorine to the water. Coast Garibaldi Health is concerned that any water that remains in the water lines for an extended period does not have an opportunity to “grow” impurities.

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