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Micro-Hydro Systems & the Development's Waterworks

We all struggle with the lack of commercially available hydropower. Some of us have resorted to propane appliances and lights, some of us have installed solar systems, and others rely on generators. Sometimes a combination of these alternatives is deployed. In all cases, we learn to conserve what is so abundant and cheap in almost all communities in BC.

Unfortunately, a few individuals have installed micro-hydro systems to the development’s water system, either wilfully or unwittingly aware of the ramifications of doing so. As a result, there have been occasions where the water storage tanks have been drained and some of the residents have been left without a supply of water. Besides being a major inconvenience, this puts those same residents in peril should any fire outbreak occur.

The board of directors wants to bring this issue to the attention of all lot owners. The board deems this an inappropriate use of the development’s water system and any resident found to be using water for this purpose would be subject to a fine as defined in the Trust Indenture. If there are multiple infractions, the fine is subject to an escalating factor. These fines will be due and payable within thirty days and will be subject to the same collection procedures as any other levy.

The water system is available for all residents to use in a responsible manner. The actions of a few should not impact the community at large. It should be noted that once the new water system goes online, residents below the forestry road will notice a significant drop in water pressure at their curb service. This will be due to the elevation of the water storage tanks that will service their lots. This new pressure is still more than adequate as the water pressure on lower lots connected to the present system is unusually high and requires a PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) in order to stop faucets from leaking.

The new system will provide us all with a pristine source of drinking water. The spring water is crystal clear with turbidity nearly immeasurable. It appears that the flow rate of the spring matches the anticipated demand of the community. That is, the flow is greatest in late spring and summer and begins to diminish in mid-fall and winter. Obviously, as with any community water supply, we will all have to conserve water as is appropriate to the current snow pack or weather situation.

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