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Would you like to volunteer?

There is always lots to be done at Lillooet Lake Estates. We have the parks (common lots) to maintain and upgrade. The road right of ways are always in need of having the shrubs and trees trimmed back to the lot owner's property lines. How about trail building? If you would like to volunteer, please let us know.

Contact us at: info@lillooetlakeestates.ca

Would you like to form a volunteer fire brigade?

Would you like to serve on a committee?

Can you assist with maintaining our right of ways and common areas?


We all own a little piece of heaven at Lillooet Lake Estates. I’m relatively new in the area, having bought our lot a little more than 4 years ago, but have been enamoured with the area for many years. It is hard to come by property that has a combination of lake and mountains that can be accessed and enjoyed in summer and winter. Many lot owners use their property as a retreat from the day to day in nearby lower mainland areas and others have made this community their full time residence. Which ever scenario you fall in, we all appreciate that there is a fair amount of work that goes behinds the scenes in both keeping up our common areas and bringing the community up to a standard we all want as well as at times are governed to.

Such recent projects as the new potable water system and road widening have taken up a phenomenal amount of time and resources from volunteers. There is day to day maintenance with these projects as well as the other maintenance tasks such as snow ploughing in the winter, removal of run off debris in the spring that needs the attention, leadership and personnel to take up the tasks to keep the community moving along. The board of directors is comprised of such volunteers to take up the task of representing the lot owners in putting together committees to move these projects along. Part of the board’s duties is to find volunteers to stand on these committees and to help out with the many maintenance tasks that are a necessity. When there are no lot owners to assist, then we are forced to look outside the community where there is a market cost associated, hence maintenance fees may rise.

We have a community filled with a diverse group of people with different skills sets that can add value to Lillooet Lake Estates. Please take the time to consider what you can do to help, whether it be right now or in the coming years. One of the most immanent areas we are in dire need of volunteers is for emergency situations such as fire protection. This has the potential of affecting us all.

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