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Bobcat Toolcat

Included in the LLE Waterworks budget for 2008 are the first monthly payments for the purchase of a Bobcat Toolcat. The Committee has researched all options and determined that the purchase of this machine is the best value. We will finance the Bobcat over a period of 36 months.

This machine can spread gravel, trim the brush along the roads, move soil, carry loads of gravel, carry fire fighting equipment, carry the water operators up the trail to the intake for the micro-hydro generator, clear snow, and much more. It is the best all-round machine that we have found. We have the expertise of a couple of residents who have backed up our findings. We also have a resident with experience who will attend to the maintenance of the machine.

The Water Committee examined all of the alternatives – renting trucks, hiring outside help, etc. We looked at just purchasing a pickup truck, but its manoeuvrability and snow clearing ability vs. the Toolcat, inability to scoop/load, and lack of attachment tools did not match our needs.

Without a doubt, the purchase of our own machine was the most cost effective. An added bonus is that the water operators won’t be waiting for outside equipment to arrive. We have found that the wait for outside equipment can be much more than days. It can be weeks. Most equipment operators don’t want to venture down the In-Shuck-ch forestry road.

The Toolcat was designed for property management and grounds maintenance companies. It is ideal because of its versatility. It has over 40 hydraulic attachments that can be installed in a minute, and has a dump box that can carry 2000 lbs. For the winter a high capacity snow-blower on the front and the sander spreader in the box is perfect to keep the hills passable at all times. In the summer, the Toolcat with the combination bucket is ideal for dozing, levelling, grappling, digging, loading, and dumping.

A quick local first response is necessary for fires, especially because the Pemberton Fire Department won’t attend fires at LLE. This machine can transport two people in the cab and the box can carry the equipment, tools, and hoses.

We are now providing year round services and it is time to provide the equipment and tools that are necessary to do so in a cost effective manner. Without a machine to do this work, our water operators are handicapped and unable to deliver the level of service that LLE lot owners would like.

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