It is time for yard clean-up. Protect your home from wildfire.

LLE Volunteer Fire Department

With the rapidly rising cost of fire insurance, the Board of Directors has been investigating the setting up of a volunteer fire department for Lillooet Lake Estates. Our investigation includes:

  • Year round standpipes
  • New fire boxes at each standpipe equipped with fire hoses
  • Possible purchase of a water pump to augment to standpipes
  • Possible purchase of a used fire truck
  • Possible purchase of a lot on which to build a fire hall
  • Possible installation of a horn to alert residents in the event of a fire

The information that we have been receiving from insurance companies is that we need year round fire protection in order to claim that discount on our homeowner’s policies. Please contact us to let us know whether you have had any difficulties with your insurer in obtaining fire and theft insurance on your chalet at LLE. Are you finding that you are faced with rising premiums? We are concerned that the cost of the insurance could force many owners to drop their coverage all together. The Board of Directors wants to institute a fire protection plan that will benefit all owners.

Each owner should send to the Board of Directors a rough sketch of their property and building showing the location of the high-pressure hose, the exterior propane tank (if any), and the storage location of any portable propane tanks that are kept under or in the building.

Results of the vote at the AGM held on March 22, 2004:

Resolution: Approval that the Board of Directors be directed to investigate and pursue the concept of establishing a volunteer fire department, including a fire station for the purposes of housing a pumper truck and fire suppression related equipment.
Motion: Michael Bailey, Lot #9
Seconder: Robert Kappeler, Lot #139A
Voting: Unanimous

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