It is time for yard clean-up. Protect your home from wildfire.

Individual Home Wildfire Assessment

The Individual Home Wildfire Hazard Assessment is a checklist designed for you to determine the hazard rating of your home. There are twelve questions, with two or three possible answers. Select the answer that best describes your situation. Each answer has a number associated with it – this is the point rating. Upon completion, add up the points achieved for each question to give a grand total. At the bottom of the assessment, you will find a series of hazard rating classes. By placing your total into the appropriate class, you can determine the hazard rating of your home and throughout these web pages, you will find numerous tips on how to reduce the risk associated with your home in the event of a wildfire.

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This assessment form is to be used to determine the wildfire hazard to individual homes present in areas with recognized wildfire hazards.
Circle the number that applies to your home.
1. Location of Home Flat Ground, <5% slope below house Slope 5-20% below house Crest of hill, upper slope, > 2% below house
  1 3 6
2. Roofing Material Tile, steel, non-combustible Treated wood shakes Untreated wood shakes
  soffits or open soffits soffits or open soffits  
  0 or 3 3 or 15 24
3. Roof Cleanliness No combustible material Scattered combustible material Clogged gutters, roof accumulation
    < 1 cm in depth > 1 cm in depth
  0 3 6
4. Siding Material Stucco, vinyl Steel, Aluminum, Logs Wood or shingle siding
  0 1 2
5. Decks and Porches None or completely built of non-combustible materials Wood materials, underside enclosed Wood material, not closed in
  0 3 6
6. Wood piles, combustible materials None or >15 m away from house 3 m to 10 m away from house <3 m or against house or under porches
  0 3 6
7. Services – Gas or Electricity Underground wires Overhead wires < 3m vegetation from wires or propane tanks
  0 3 6
8. Coniferous Forest Cover > 10 m from house 3 m – 10 m from house None
  spaced/pruned or not spaced/pruned spaced/pruned or not spaced/pruned spaced/pruned or not spaced/pruned
  1 or 2 3 or 6 6 or 12
9. Surface Vegetation Non-combustible material; green lawn all around house Greenbelt 3 m – 10 m in width Greenbelt < 3 m in width
  1 6 12
10. Access > 4 m wide, > 10 m long driveway to house < 4 m wide, > 10 m long driveway to house Narrow, long driveway to house, no turnaround, slope > 10%
  1 3 6
11. Home protection capabilities Pressurized water, fire tools available Other water sources, fire tools available No tools and/or No water
  0 2 3 or 6
12. Special Factors Extreme fuel load +3 Roof sprinkler -3 High
  Poor house & street signage +3    
  Poor, steep, winding access +3    
  Bridges-unable to hold 40,000 lbs +3    
  Large windows facing forest +3    
  TOTAL: _________________ points = Hazard Rating  
  less than 18 points….. Low (safe)  
Hazard 18-28 points….. Moderate  
Rating 29-37 points….. High  
Class greater than 37 points….. Extreme  

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