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Delinquent Tax and Maintenance Fee Lot Owners

This has been a source of concern for all lot owners since the inception of the subdivision in the ‘70s. There has always been a group of owners who feel that they are exempt from paying their fair share of fees – water, maintenance, or property taxes. When they fail to pay their share then it is up to the remainder of the honest lot owners to cover for them.

In some years, as much as 30 % of the total fees assessed was not paid. This money that would ordinarily go to road improvement, or similar maintenance and improvement projects, is lost and everyone loses. When the estate group (LLE) was formed in 1999, the indenture included a provision whereby the group could foreclose on the delinquent fee payer and sell his/her share to recover the outstanding monies along with appropriate interests, etc.

This process was started last year and notices served to outstanding lot owners to pay up or legal proceedings would be undertaken to recover the owed amounts. Many of the delinquents have made arrangements to settle the outstanding fees and taxes. The directors hope that the remainder of the lot owners will make arrangements to settle their debts. If not, then on behalf of all lot owners, court proceedings will be initiated.

We have an obligation to pay our share of water, maintenance, and property taxes. When you signed the share certificate you agreed to this arrangement. Your fellow lot owners expect you to honour your obligations and carry your share of the burden. If there are difficulties in paying all at once, a system of post-dated cheques may be negotiated. If there are previous beefs with the developer, then settle them with the developer, but you are still obligated to honour your commitments to LLE. If there is no suitable solution, then perhaps Lillooet Lake Estates is not the place for you and you should consider selling your shares.

Our lakeside village is faced with many development and improvement costs. These have been delayed because of lack of funds, which have gone to cover delinquent lot owners. If everyone paid his or her fees on time, then perhaps there could be a reduction in the amount collected from every lot owner. A reduction in water rates and maintenance fees? Wouldn’t that be good news?

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