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Hydro Update – September 2005

A meeting with Hydro officials and some directors of LLE was held to discuss the possibility of a power line extension to LLE from Joffrey Creek.  The main area of concern is the difficulty of constructing the line along the narrow rock bluff road.  A suggested solution to the problem was to construct a submarine, which would eliminate that difficulty.  A letter was sent to an electrical engineering consulting firm to determine the efficacy of the plan.  Their reply was that the line installation would typically be twice the cost of the land line and that any maintenance would be very expensive because of the specialized equipment required to do any servicing.  They advised us to not consider that approach.  There is still the problem of the land definition and cost sharing and while Hydro is will to assume more of the cost of the line, the burden would still fall upon LLE.

A solution to the problem of delivering power may lie with the First Nations settlement claims.  There is talk about delivering power to the reserves along the lower Lillooet River.  The road is also being discussed and improvements are only a matter of time.  It is expected that it will be declared a public road in the near future and receive funding which would allow for upgrades and regular grading.  If these events transpire then we would be able to avoid the cost of the extension and connect to the passing line.  It has been suggested that our best course of action is to wait and see what develops.

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