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Hydro Report – March 2004 AGM

By George Henry

Last year, after the survey by BC Hydro to lay out a pole line to Lillooet Lake Estates was completed, we continued our efforts to determine what the costs would be for this service. We asked Hydro to recommend an engineer who would prepare a distribution plan for the subdivision. Due to staff changes and assignments at their office, our requests were placed at the bottom of the pile and it is only recently that our application for power extension was revisited.

Since then Hydro has estimated the cost of installing 112 poles to the edge of the subdivision at $400,000. There has not been any negotiation to determine whether or not they will pay for this extension. This will have to be determined in the near future.

Hydro has indicated that it is not interested in distributing the power within the subdivision and so that has become our responsibility. A power company and an engineer have been commissioned to complete a survey and prepare a distribution plan for the subdivision. The preliminary site inspection was completed yesterday and is not available for this meeting. It is expected that the plan will be completed this week.

The preliminary distribution plan will be submitted to BC Hydro for their approval. When it is approved, then the engineer will return and complete the details of the plan and put a cost for the construction of the service. At this stage, pole lines will service the lots adjacent to the right of way. All other lots will have underground service. This will eliminate the necessity to remove large numbers of trees and make the system more reliable and less subject to service calls to remove fallen trees.

At this time any discussion about costs would be meaningless, as we have no idea what kind of dollars this project will cost. When the plan is complete a meeting will be held with BC Hydro to work out all the details and who pays for what. When this information becomes available, it will be sent to each lot owner. Until then, we must wait until the reports are completed.

Hydro will change the entire nature of the subdivision. Our future water supply depends on power for pumps and for operation of the purification systems. It will also provide reliable power for security systems. Power will reduce the dependency on generators and propane powered appliances, which are not the cheapest to operate. There will an increase in the selling price of property for this convenience, which is good news for those selling. As more lot owners choose to live at LLE full time power becomes more of a necessity.

In time all of the problems will be solved and, hopefully, in the very near future, the lights will come on at Lillooet Lake Estates.

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