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Hydro News – April 2004

The engineer did a preliminary analysis of the power distribution system that would be needed to service Lillooet Lake Estates. The system will be designed in accordance with BC Hydro’s specifications so that connection to the main service will be safe and reliable. The engineer will require specific information regarding electrical loads. This must be known to determine transformer size, wire size, etc.

A director will be contacting you shortly for this information. We would ask that you make a decision as to the size of service that you might ultimately require for your property. Even if you have no plans to immediately connect to the system, the capacity of the lines for present and future use must be known before construction begins.

  • A guide to the size of service that you may require:

  • A large full-size year round house (more than 1000 sq. ft.) would require a 200 amp service, especially with electric space heating such as baseboard heaters.

  • A smaller house (less than 1000 sq. ft.) or cabin could do with a 100 amp service. This would allow for a range, washer/dryer, and water heater. Electric space heating (baseboard heaters) would push the service to near maximum.

  • A small cabin (less than 800 sq. ft.) could use a 60 amp service as a minimum.

  • A trailer could use a 60 amp service pole.

After the system is designed the cost will be calculated. Only then will we know how much this service will cost each lot owner. This is the first step on the path to electrification.

After the costs are known an extraordinary meeting will be held with the lot owners who will have to decide the next steps, which are:

(A) completion of a engineered plan for the distribution of power,

(B) tendering of the construction,

(C) method of paying for this service.

When the preliminary plans are completed and costs known, this information will be made available to you for your study. There will also be several suggested cost sharing plans for your consideration prepared by a committee of Directors and lot owners.

At this stage all we will be paying for is the preliminary engineering study, which will cost approximately $16,000. This is necessary, as BC Hydro will not consider building a power line extension without the guarantee of customer subscription. On the positive side this could happen within months. We are asking for your co-operation in making this as speedy a process as possible.

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