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BC Hydro News – December 2003

Last year BC Hydro completed a survey of a power line extension to the south end of DL 4901.  Attempts have been made to learn the costs this extension from Joffrey Creek so that planning could be started.  A request was also made to Hydro for them to recommend a person or company who would do a feasibility study on the estate and suggest a method of delivering power to each lot.  There has been no response to either of these requests.  We would like to know the cost of the extension and whether or not we would qualify for subsidization.  The property distribution costs would probably have to be borne by the lot owners.  This service would be a combination of overhead and underground delivery, which is what respondents to the power survey indicated.  The matter is being pursued and it is expected that there will be some response in the near future.

 There have been several recent developments regarding the power line extension to Lillooet Lake Estates.  A recent meeting in Pemberton with Hydro officials has resulted in getting the process started up again.  Last year a pole survey was completed by BC Hydro but nothing further was done.  Now BC Hydro will give us an estimate of the cost of building the line from km 1 on the lake road to LLE.  Hydro has also recommended a surveyor who we will engage to make recommendations for the distribution of power throughout the subdivision.  This will most likely be a combination of overhead and underground service.  Whether or not LLE will qualify for economic assistance and for how much is still being determined.

 The development at Ure Creek will also require power.  We have been in discussion with them and it looks like they are willing to share in the extension costs.  The Ure Creek project requires a power line extension to km 5 on the lake road.

 There is also a program available to remote communities, such as our village, to connect them with telephone service.  This information has just come to us and we will follow up on this lead.  Telus may be able to assist us with telephone service.

 With the changes required to our water system and the need for alarms to discourage break-ins, the power factor becomes all the more important.  Reliable electricity is the key to resolving many issues that are presently being dealt with by your Board of Directors.  We hope to have a complete breakdown of costs ready for the next Newsletter so that you have time to review the issues and costs prior to the AGM in late March.

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