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May 9 BC Election – LLE

As you know, the Provincial Elections will be held on May 9th.

About a month ago I wrote the three party candidates in our riding asking them for their positions on matters impacting Lillooet Lake Estates.

Liberals – Jordan Sturdy – I received a phone call which essential pledged his ongoing support to assist our community. Jordan has come to an LLE board meeting and has taken some positive actions on our behalf over the last term.


Green Party – Dana Taylor – Dana responded with the following letter

Home Owner Grant:


The Green Party platform view is very general – to “maintain and enhance housing support programs”, which I understand would include the HOG.

Whether it’s as simple as changing the criteria for eligibility – to align definitions of properties eligible – I don’t know but I will ask GP for more details on this idea.


BC Hydro Electrification:


It seems this should be the easiest to accommodate.  I didn’t see any reasons given for cancelling the RCEP, but presumably it flowed from administrative changes or political priorities.  I would commit to examining re-instituting a program of this type as I would presume, since the program was created in the first instance, there are others besides LLE that may have a similar need.


The GP view on Hydro management, as you are no doubt aware, is controversial, specifically referring to Site C.  It is the feeling that the entity has been manipulated for political purposes instead of being allowed to operate to fulfill its primary mandate – to provide electricity to British Columbians.  Certainly if elected I will support a review of BC Hydro’s performance to deliver on its mandate especially in light of those aforementioned alleged manipulations.  None of this helps in the short run I know.


The other thing to consider, which would very much be consistent with GP commitments, is to examine alternative energy source options, given the chance to bring forward programs that support these innovations. While linking with readily accessible power sources would be the best available solution, alternatives might be the prompt we need to diversify the delivery of electricity.


Finally on this matter I am referring your request to a hydro wag in Ontario to get some input on what’s done there differently to address this kind of issue and will pass on what I learn.


Threat of Slides:


How the provincial system works for communities under threat such as yours is completely outside of my knowledge and experience.  Having said that given newsworthy slides that have cost the loss of life and property – Kamloops recently, North Vancouver several years back, and a couple in the Kootenays a couple and a few years back.  I lost an old friend in the one on the Arrow Lakes, and it was a blocked creek that gave way in that instance.


I would argue that the province ought to have a defined responsibility to solve this kind of problem, and a program to mitigate against future catastrophe.  Again, apart from your own initiatives as land/home owners, it would seem there has been no assistance from the province.  Yet if I recall in circumstances where there is an emergency, the province has the resources to respond.  It would seem some investment to protect against an impending disaster would be warranted, perhaps even in partnership with landowners.  Has the situation created problems in obtaining home insurance or purchase financing (mortages)?


I am prepared to examine what’s available and will run this question by others with more specialized knowledge and let you know what I find.


I look forward to your reply to my questions.


I am not sure how much help my comments are to your questions, but I will add this:  these are all reasonable questions deserving of a response, and I would be pleased to work with LLE to delve further into these with you, once elected.

Kind regards

Dana Taylor

NDP -Mehdi Russel – no response

This newsletter in intended to be of information only and should not be seen as a ratification of any candidate.

Hope you will vote.

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