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Lot Transfer Procedures


Purchaser or purchaser's lawyer should contact our lawyer, Ian Davis at Race & Co in Whistler


Transfer of Class “A” Common Share Certificate and Class “B” Common Share Certificate to Purchaser is endorsed on the back of each share certificate by the present Owner and delivered along with the Transfer Fee to Mr. Davis.  Mr. Davis must be provided with the Purchaser’s name, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Upon his receiving the endorsed Share Certificates and the Transfer Fee, Mr. Davis prepares Consent of Directors of Lillooet Lake Estates Ltd. to the intended transfer. The policy of the Directors is that no transfer of shares will be approved unless all arrears of payments as certified by Lillooet Lake Estates Ltd. are paid in full.

(Note: Payment of the Transfer Fee is a matter to be negotiated between Vendor and Purchaser. This fee will not be paid by Lillooet Lake Estates Ltd.)

When the Directors approve the transfer of shares, Mr. Davis records the transfer in the records of Lillooet Lake Estates Ltd., issues new share certificates in the name of the Purchaser and notifies Lillooet Lake Estates of the Transfer.

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