It is time for yard clean-up. Protect your home from wildfire.

LLE Fall Newsletter

The board and staff continue to push forward with issues that are important to our community. The following are some of the matters:

Winterizing Water

Paul has commenced the process of shutting off each lots water supply at the curb unless he knows that you are living at LLE. Shutting off water lines at the curb help each lot owner avoid any extra charges levied if LLE is required to find leaks on your lot that are draining the community system. You may still need to drain the lines to or in your dwellings.

Catiline Infrastructure Grant Application

As you are aware, our community has experienced seven debris slides in recent years. The most significant slides occurred in 2010 and again in 2013. Approximately 30,000 cubic meters of material came through the community following the Catiline Creek channel on each occasion. The community has suffered property damage. Fortunately, no persons have been injured to date.
With the assistance of the B.C. Government and the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, the firm of BGC Engineering (BGC) was retained to study the hazard posed by the Catiline Creek channel. BGC completed their risk assessment of the community in 2015.
The Executive Summary of the BCG report states:
“In summary, BGC’s best estimate of individual risk exceeded 1:10,000 risk of fatality per year for 76 of the 128 occupied, residential-classed lots on Catiline Creek fan. Of these, 15 lots exceeded 1:1000 annual risk of fatality, more than one order of magnitude above the DNV (District of North Vancouver) individual risk tolerance threshold. Estimated group safety risk also fell entirely into the “Unacceptable” range when compared to the above risk tolerance standards.”

The SLRD has placed a “Do Not Occupy Recommendation” on 99 of our 152 sites. Needless to say, the threat of future slides is of grave concern to all residents and particularly to those that live in the high-risk area on a full-time basis.

Subsequently, LLE and the SLRD partnered to hire KWL Engineers who have designed a solution that will make all lots safe within the accepted standards. One completed, owners in the danger zones could again apply for building permits. The total cost of the project will be over $8 M with a contribution committed from Forestry to build a new bridge.

The board is committed to finding a solution to this serious matter.

With the encouragement of our MP we have just made a 3rd application to the rural infrastructure development fund. This time the criteria for funding was changed and the grant application indicated that applicants were expected to have their portion of the funding in place. In our application, we explained the current plan as to how LLE would borrow the funds.

This new requirement does raise the issue of LLE moving into the process to borrow money through the SLRD at a preferred rate.

Such a loan will require the support of our shareholders and so the board would bring a proposal forward to you for your consideration in the form of a petition, possibly in mid 2021.

It will take up to 12 months to hear if our grant application is approved. Once approved we would need to have the funding in place to begin the project. Coincidentally it takes about a year to complete a loan application process through the SLRD.

A reminder that the BGC and KWL engineer reports are on our web site. As well, we have put up the grant application for your interest.

Septic Systems

This is always a sensitive subject to bring up. Unfortunately, we have had reports of human feces in and around the estate in late summer. Unfortunately, such material becomes an attractant to animals both wild and domestic and poses a health risk.

Keep in mind that septic systems are not optional. When you purchased your share you agreed to abide by the Trust Indenture. It states: “Prior to occupying any Site, whether by way of a permanent residence or otherwise, an Owner shall install on the Site primary sewage treatment in the form of a septic tank or such other sewage system as the Directors may approve, and the Directors shall at all times regulate and control the location of sanitary facilities on any Site and on the Common Property. All such septic tanks or other approved sewage systems shall comply with all applicable building and health codes.”

Please ensure that both you and your guests use your indoor washrooms at all times.
We hope to provide such facilities at our common lots as time and budget permit. In the meantime, please use your own facilities.

Finance Committee

We are looking to add another shareholder or two to our finance committee. The committee meets by email, zoom, or telephone from time to time. They support the work of our treasurer and provide advice to the board on financial matters. This committee also reports directly to the shareholders at the AGM about the state of LLE finances.

If you have skills and experience in finance and would like to participate in the workings of LLE please drop me a note at

Fire Smart

The forest fires this summer were a huge wake- up call for those of us at LLE.  The fire above us, could have been impacted by downdrafts and blown down into Gate 2 and the remainder of our estate group.

Smouldering pine cones and other materials were also blowing across the lake from the fires and landing in LLE.

For several years we have encouraged our members through notices, manuals and training sessions to ‘fireproof’ their lots. Some have responded with actions but it is fair to say that LLE is far from a state that would be considered ready to manage fires that blow in or start in the estate.

The two recent fires threats this August are a call to our community that the time has come to take the risk of forest fire very seriously and start actively mitigating the risks.  To accomplish this will require serious commitment on the part of all of us and cooperation across the community in terms of taking action.

We face a number of risks that exacerbate the danger of forest fires destroying some or all of our area:
1.  too much fire fuel on the ground by way of dead branches, pine cones, grasses and shrubs and bushes that are easily ignited and provide fuel for a fire to rapidly spread throughout our area.

2.  dead or diseased trees that pose a risk of falling on people or homes.

3.  tall trees that are now at risk of falling in wind storms because the size and weight of the tree has surpassed the capacity of the shallow rootballs to support the tree.

4.  too many trees of all sorts, that provide an easy path and fuel for forest fires to jump from one end of our estate to the other.

After our near miss this summer with that fire just 700M above us, several persons have come forward requesting more of an action plan to make our community Fire Smart.

We have posted material in almost every newsletter and there are lots of good intentions but a drive around our community would convince anyone that if a fire is coming at us we are very vulnerable.

To date we have organized a large community burn pile at gate 2 which was burned last weekend.

We have met with the fire marshal for our community and noted our concerns about the dangers from Strawberry Point. They subsequently cleared a lot of ground brush in the interface between us. As well they hope to complete some thinning and cleanup of what could be called a ‘fire break zone’ around our community.

Last year we had 14 people trained in wilderness forest fire fighting and we have purchased additional equipment, utilizing an SLRD grant, to support to our capacity to fight fires.

Following some good thinking by a group from gate 5, the board has decided to complete an assessment of all of LLE and bring back a report on the costs of removing dangerous trees, harvesting where appropriate and fire proofing lots as would be required if possible. The first report will focus on dangerous trees. Once we get the report, we will share same with the community and collect ideas for moving forward to make us safer.

Improvement Tax Spreadsheet / Appeal Process

BCA has sent us the spreadsheet the captures the assessments for the various lots with buildings for 2021. This list is on the web site for your review.

If you decide you want to appeal the assessment follow the procedures as described by the government and please copy us so that we can support your appeal.

Real Estate Listings

The board has been piloting a new process to vet potential purchasers of shares in LLE.

On the web site there is now a real estate agent package with an information checklist which is sold to the agents for $100. This is a standard type of file in the strata market.

A potential buyer is now required to submit a credit and a criminal record check along with the completed contact information. They must also acknowledge that they have received the Trust Indenture and are aware of the Notice on Title.

The President receives the application including the credit and criminal record checks and circulates same to the board for approval. Typically, the board has given its approval within a few working days.

An evaluation of the process will be brought forward to the next AGM along with a longer term recommendation.

Gate Status Report

Gates 1, 2,4, and 5 are all working with either the code or fobs. Gate 6 will be operational by December. Each gate had neighbourhood specific discussions about including ATV entrances and the gate entrance designs have responded to these internal votes.

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