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LLE Community Meetings -Cataline Mitigation Project Dec. 2017

Two Lillooet Lake Estates Community Meetings will be held to learn more about the Cataline Mitigation Project.

Please plan to attend the meeting closest to you:

Wednesday Dec. 6th  @ 7PM- SLRD Board Room  

1350 Aster Street  – Pemberton


Thursday Dec. 7th @ 7PM – District of North Vancouver Council Chamber 

355 West Queens Rd. – North Vancouver

Cataline Mitigation Project

The SLRD and the Board of Directors would like to provide you with a status report on this vital project: including the draft budget, the loan process and more detail about how the loan impacts each of us now and into the future. It is important to attend as we intend to distribute important documents re: a potential loan for your consideration.

The senior governments have opened two grant programs to date in 2017. These opportunities were historically available for an LLE application but are now limited to local governments. The SLRD board agreed to submit applications on our behalf for the Cataline Mitigation Project.

1) Federal Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund

An application was completed and submitted in late June. This program could fund up to $6M for this project. Each local government in BC was permitted to submit up to 2 applications. 220 were received. We should hear on or about March 31, 2018

We have opened up communications with our MP and through her,  the office of the federal minister to try to clear any roadblocks at that end.

2) National Disaster Mitigation Program (“NDMP”)

On Aug 25th an application requesting the maximum $3M contribution was submitted via Emergency Management BC (EMBC). LLE  applied to this fund in the fall of 2016. The application was denied however, we were provided with an a full debrief which indicated a number of actions which would be required for any future applications. Subsequently we have been working on each of these requirements.

We have also been in contact with our MLA Jordan Sturdy who has promised to reach across the house and talk to the minister on our behalf.

A provincial cross-ministry committee evaluated and prioritized all proposals for technical merit and need. Proposals were evaluated in accordance with NDMP Guidelines and available funding. The process established a ranking for projects that may be approved until funding is exhausted.

We just received some positive news that our proposal has cleared this first major hurdle at the provincial level and has been submitted to Public Safety Canada (PSC) for funding consideration. At this stage we are not guaranteed funding, and even if we are funded, we are not guaranteed the full amount that we applied for but this is a big step forward.

It is anticipated that a final decisions will be made by the end of April 2018.

Closing Down Water Service

It is turning cold at the lake. As a consequence, in mid November LLE will be turning off the water services at the curb for every lot in LLE unless we know that you are a permanent resident.  If you come up after the water is turned off, of course you are welcome to turn the water back on while you are at your place.

LLE is responsible for water to the lot line ‘curb service’ but we are taking this action because last winter we had too many leaks caused by freezing pipes etc on the lot side of the curb turn off. These leaks resulted in excessive draining of our storage tanks and stress on the pumps. This does not mean that we are taking responsibility for the owner side of the curb turn off.

This action is a courtesy only.

If your system is leaking and we need to find and stop the leak you will be charged as it can be a very difficult and hence expensive action to isolate where the leak is occurring. Hopefully we will see far fewer leaks this winter.

Winter Residents

We would like to set up a list of those persons that are winter residents. This list will be used for water turn off, snow plowing schedules, and the establishment of a safety net.

If you are planning to be a full time resident or if you are renting to someone who will be a full timer this winter please send a quick email right away to


In 2017 Rural Taxation has taken a different path with regards to tax collection for property improvements. Improvement taxes that are delinquent are now also being forwarded to the parent holding company DL4901 Lillooet Lake Estates Holding Company for payment. As always, LLE expects the improvement owners to pay their improvement taxes but due to payment of penalties, interest and the threat of costly bailiff proceeds and seizure of assets, the Directors decided to bring the delinquent improvement accounts current as we also didn’t want to jeopardize are creek mitigation grant opportunities. LLE will be reimbursed for any payments made. We are working with Rural Taxation to stop this new collection system as this system is hard for LLE to manage and frankly confusing for all involved. The obvious solution is to keep the improvement taxes current so if all shareholders could do their best. Finally, Rural Taxation obtains their lot owner contact information from BC Assessment. Accordingly, if a lot is sold or if you move please contact BC Assessment to provide the your current mailing address to avoid improvement tax penalties and interest.

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Just a reminder to join our Lillooet Lake Estates page. We currently have 30 members. This is a good place to keep up with local news, exchange thoughts etc. It is a private group.


Our 2018 AGM is tentatively planned to be held on Thursday April 8th, 2018 in North Vancouver.

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