It is time for yard clean-up. Protect your home from wildfire.

Lillooet Lake Fire Update – No Cause for Immediate Concern

These pictures are in sequence. Monday, Monday evening and Tuesday at 4 PM.
The fire martial just reported that the community is in no danger. Two crews have long lined into the fireĀ  zone and will stay on the fire through the night. He does not recommend a community alert at this time.
Monday morning at about 2 AM we had a lightning strike on the mountain behind us that started a fire. Paul called it in immediately.
On Monday the helicopters arrived and hit our fire and several others nearby including another one on Lillooet Lake lake across from Lizzie Lake.
The fire retreated because of the water attack. Monday night the downdraft that we get on our mountain fanned the flames and began pushing the fire down towards us. It still would have to come down quite a ways and jump a creek. It is pretty high up but it looks very frightening.
On Tuesday morning the helicopters arrived again and put out most of the fire that was burning down towards us.
This afternoon we had quite a wind come up and the fire grew again but the wind is pushing the fire further away from our community and toward the tree line.
That is a good thing because it is burning fuel that will make it more difficult to come back at us
We are in regular contact with the SLRD emergency coordinator.
Just a reminder to sign up for the SLRD Community Alert Program as we will rely on this program to give you notice if we need to move into a state of alert or even evacuation.
SLRD Community Alert Program
Squamish-Lillooet Regional District
If you have flammable items around your house it is a good idea to remove them.
In the longer term we really need everyone to fireproof your lots and we must remove trees that would fuel a fire like the one above us.
I am updating our Facebook Page regularly
I encourage everyone to stay calm. The fire martial and crew are on this fire.

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