Be sure water lines are shut off and drained before winter!

July 2015

[wpmlfield name=”email”]We have had quite a summer so far at the lake. It has been hot and dry. We had a nasty run of mosquitoes but the hot weather has burned them off.

Next we had considerable smoke from the fires up the Pemberton valley and beyond. There have have been a few fires on the lake but the fire crews have put them out quickly.

IMG_3451Currently our valley is hosting the Pemberton Music Festival. The crowds are larger this year and both the performers and the attendees are entertaining!

A board meeting was held on June 20th.  Of course the majority of the meeting focused on our work to find a solution to the slide threats.

In a follow up to the SLRD presentation at our 2015 AGM the regional board created a committee of all interested parties with the following mandate:

  • start discussions to help residents develop a solution to reduce the life safety risks in the Cataline Creek
  • seek input from a broad-based group of organizations with interests in the Catiline Creek – – The interests identified so far are: life safety of residents, life safety of those traveling along the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road
  • focus on information gathering, creative solutions and brainstorming

LLE was asked to co-chair the committee. The various organizations appointed reps and the committee first met on May 7th. All parties at the meeting were sympathetic to our plight but no commitments were forthcoming.The Government of BC has a long standing position of not funding communities in efforts to provide long term safety. Rather they only respond after an incident occurs. This policy is built on their concern that there are numerous communities ‘at risk’ with billions of potential dollars required in this beautiful but treacherous province.It is apparent that LLE will need to act as the prime player and bring in as many partners as possible to help defray the project costs.  To this end we continue to meet with agencies and companies that could contribute to the long term safety of our community. Given the Government policy we are taking a friendly but persistent role with them. We need to help them find ways to help us.

On a positive note we have learned that Forest Services are examining options to rebuild the bridge over Cataline Creek which gets buried in the various slides that we have experienced over the years. The current bridge is one of the most serious potential threats to LLE.

On June 25th we hosted the SLRD Board on site to give them a first hand view of our estate and in particular the Cataline Creek basin slide area.

Subsequently the SLRD has written Emergency Management BC asking them to provide more funds to our community to support both short term and long term protection. This was the government agency that paid for the clean up in 2010 and 2013.

Rose Fast reported the following with regard to our recent community gathering :
‘The folks at Pemberton Fire District came out and visited our site.They had many good suggestions for how to better “fire proof” our area:

  • get rid of ground debris that acts as kindling in the event of a fire
  • clean up the dead wood (consider natural composting – debris, leaves/greenery etc.)
  • don’t pile wood around your house
  • keep your roof free of burnable debris
  • limb up trees – low hanging branches feeds the fire up into the trees
  • thin out the volume of trees in your area
  • ask your propane provider to make sure your tank is properly vented in the event of a fire’

The roads have all been treated with dust suppression.

The water system continues to function well and water seems plentiful but given the lack of snow pack you are urged to manage your consumption.

Our new web site now appears stable after the expected early use ‘hick ups’. We are using this site as our primary communications tool now to save costs.

We are being very prudent with our spending this year which means that we are only doing work that is truly required to protect our infrastructure.

On your behalf I say thank you to a very hard working volunteer board of directors.





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