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Newsletter-End of The Year 2015

Merry Christmas from Lillooet Lake Estates

Christmas 2015

Christmas Season

We had our first real snow this week. Looks like a white Christmas at LLE. All the roads are plowed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


Status Report ‘Cataline’ Slide Control

After the 2013 slide the Squamish Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) placed a notice on our land title, which was in effect, an intended warning to 102 of our 152 lot owners to consider vacating properties. It also included a ban on any further building permits. Please note that when the ban comes off the Regional District could choose to enforce that order under their zoning bylaws so please keep this in mind if you are contemplating any building. This notice from the SLRD and the instability of Cataline Creek has caused considerable anguish to many of our shareholders and negatively impacted everyone’s lot values and salability.

The SLRD, supported by the Province, secured the services of BGC Engineering to study the ongoing risk to the LLE community. They delivered their report Cataline Creek Debris-Flow Hazard and Risk Assessment to the LLE 2015 AGM. This report can be read on the SLRD web site.

LLE held our annual 2015 AGM on Jan. 28th. 2015. Following the engineer’s presentation and after much discussion the following resolution was adopted:

  • Motion – that the owners endorse the guiding principles as a framework for the Board to work with government to find an acceptable solution to the risk and lead to the removal of the caution that has been issued by the SLRD. Those guiding principles are:
      • Mitigation of the risk is essential
      • This is a problem that flows from Crown land – so it is a government responsibility
      • Nothing LLE has done created this problem – nothing LLE has done has increased the risk
      • This is not an issue of blame, but an issue of taking responsibility
      • The government is responsible for ongoing maintenance/liability
      • The 1:10,000 level or risk is essential.   The 1:1000 is too great of risk
      • The cost to repair lies with government
      • There should be no loss of lots as a result of the remediation steps
      • The work must lead to protection for all shareholders
      • If the work is a diversion to outside LLE, we cannot have any lots that do not meet the 1:10.000 standard
      • The work must be done in a timely fashion
      • The adopted mitigation strategy must ensure long term viability of the community
      • Risk being equal, we should adopt the approach that has the least direct impact on natural LLE environment
      • The risk is not limited to LLE – also impacts those using the Forest Service Road (e.g. FN, Hydro lines and logging companies)
      • That the mitigation work be at a level that ensures that the caution by the SLRD is removed


After the AGM the (SLRD) created a committee of all interested parties with the following mandate:

  • The purpose is to start discussions to help residents develop a solution to reduce the life safety risks in the Cataline Creek
  • Input is being sought from a broad-based group of organizations with interests in the Cataline Creek
  • The interests identified so far are: life safety of residents, life safety of those travelling along the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road, and
  • The focus is on information gathering, creative solutions and



The following are the organizations participating in the working committee:

Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD)
Lillooet Lake Estates Ltd. (LLE)
Heather Jean Properties Ltd. (HJP)
In-SHUCK-ch Nation
Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO)
BC Hydro
Lizzie Bay Logging Ltd.
Lil’wat Nation
Emergency Management British Columbia


In keeping with discussions at the AGM, LLE corresponded with our local MLA Jordan Study. We requested financial support to implement the proposed solution as put forward by BGC.

The response to our request for funding came from the Forestry District Manager. He stated that the Govt. of BC has a policy of not becoming involved in mitigation efforts in any community.

LLE also requested the SLRD to fund the development of working drawings re: the mitigation work, which is estimated, to cost up to $200,000. These drawings will be required to ensure that any mitigation work meets the required engineering standards.

The SLRD in turn sent a request to the province to fund this study. The province has recently indicated that they will not provide this funding.

On Aug 22nd Area C Director Mack (SLRD) and MLA Sturdy met with the board of LLE on site and a lengthy discussion ensued.

As well we hosted the entire SLRD board and gave them a tour of the problem areas and possible solutions.

In Sept Forest Services (FLNRO) assigned an engineer team to look at options 1 & 2 and their potential impact possible future improvements to the forest service road.

Although the landscape can clearly shift, the following seems to be the position we should consider.

It has become apparent that the Provincial Government cannot be counted on to take on the responsibility of implementing the mitigation project required to make the LLE community safe. LLE will need to act as the prime player and bring in as many partners as possible to help defray the project costs.

However, FLNRO (Forest Services) is prepared to either rebuild the bridge that spans Cataline (option 1) or build an elevated road on the road to Twin Creeks (option 2). They will likely be our prime partner in the project. Their portion of the work could be about 35% of the estimated costs of the mitigation project. These funds are important. The board is convinced that our strategy of keeping a low media profile and yet being very active in lobbying governments has resulted in this commitment.

It would appear that significant progress has been made on a Land Treaty Settlement in our valley. The settlement is expected to include $22M to improve the forest service road from the Duffy Lake Road to Skoocumchuk. The funds to rebuild the forest service road will be managed by the In Shuck Chu nation. They are hoping to start this project in the near future.

They have expressed sympathy for our situation and are willing to coordinate their work with us if the timing works.

The new federal government has announced funding for major infrastructure projects. At this stage we do not know if this could include our community but we continue to pursue this avenue and if we have completed drawings it could possibly help such an application.

With regard to the required detailed engineering plan, all players have backed out of funding except the SLRD. Our board has accepted the fact that LLE will likely have to fund much or all of the on LLE site remediation.

We recognize that our work on the slide risk should be tied in with the roadwork to find cost efficiencies.

If we wish to avail ourselves of the borrowing benefits that can be provided by the SLRD we will need to go to them Sept 2016 to start the process moving

We need an engineering design plan completed this spring. We have approached the SLRD again to secure as much of the design funds as possible. They will be considering our request on Jan 27th, 2016

The board continues to be directed by the motion noted earlier which in essence means that option 2B is the direction the board is pursuing. At present the actual potential cost is unknown as it depends on the issues that could be discovered as part of the engineering design work.


Web Site –   http://lillooetlakeestates.ca/.

The new web site continues to evolve. Since this site has become our primary method of communication we really want to encourage you to keep your profile up to date. When you arrive at the site you will be asked for your user name and password. We had issued those some time ago. If you have forgotten try your first initial and last name for both. If that doesn’t work email me at garyyoungca@gmail.com and I will set you up again. When you arrive at the site you will need to check the two boxes that appear. Once you are in the site your name will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. When you click on this it will take you to your profile where you can change address, password, e-mail etc. The only thing you cannot update is your user name.


Respecting Neighbours / Parties

For many recreation visitors ‘ the lake’ is a place to go and relax. Often that means staying up later, turning the music up and …… which is part of what makes a recreation oriented community. However we have had several situations particularly around gate 2 where parties and loud music have gone well into the night without regard for neighbours who come to the lake for peace and quiet. After 11 PM please turn the music right down and the outside noise with it.

The board will be revising our bylaws and the associated penalties but let’s all just try to ensure that we respect our neighbours and avoid the necessity for fines etc. If you are experiencing unruly neighbours or their visitors please let us know.


2016 AGM

Please put aside St Patrick’s Day – March 17 as a possible AGM. More information will come forward soon.

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