It is time for yard clean-up. Protect your home from wildfire.

End of Summer Update

Sunday, September 1st – 4PM

Fire training, Community BBQ – Live Music

Everyone Welcome – please RSVP

Please join us for a Fire Equipment Demonstration at 4pm at the Maintenance Building.

There will also be a community BBQ at the Gate 4 Common Lot. beginning at 5:30. Burgers and hotdogs will be provided along with vegetarian options. Bring your own chairs, dishes, cutlery and beverages.

We will have live music featuring The Craigs.

Feel free to bring snacks or a side dish to share!

New Addresses

The SLRD has issued LLE with 2 addresses

Gates 2-10 are now      gate #, lot#, 6500 In-shuck-ch Forest Service Road. Mt Currie BC V0N2K0

Gate 1 is now          gate #, lot#, 6400 In-shuck-ch Forest Service Road. Mt Currie BC V0N2K0

This is NOT a postal address but rather a legal address.

If you want to receive mail you still require a post office box either in Mt. Currie or Pemberton

Just to be clear Lillooet Lake Estates will be
6500 In-shuck-ch Forest Service Road
P.O. Box 845
Pemberton BC V0N 2L0

We are working with Google Maps to get us properly located on their maps. This new address should be of assistance to emergency vehicles, guests etc.

Road Work – Head of the Lake

The road work will continue at the head of the lake well into the fall. The bypass is a single lane paved detour. Please note that vehicles driving up the cut have the right of way.

The road work will be suspended for the winter and the bypass will be closed.

Lillooet Lake Face Book Page

Regular updates on road and problematic weather are posted on the Lillooet Lake Face Book Page.  As well there are other matters of mutual interest posted

To follow simply make a request.

Fireproofing Lots

A number of people have inquired about fireproofing there lots. It has been suggested that if lot owners have trees or dead fall that has firewood value they are encouraged to post in the LLE web site buy and sell or the LLE facebook page. All arrangements are strictly between the lot owners and not the responsibility of LLE as a group/company.

Trees on LLE roadways may be removed from time by the company. These tree removal decisions are  approved by an LLE committee and the firewood will be made available on a first come first serve   basis for consumption in LLE only.

Community Emergency Plan

A community committee, supported by the SLRD, has produced a Community Emergency Plan / brochure. These brochures describe various things to do around your place, what and how to deal with emergencies etc. They will be delivered to each lot that has a livable building structure in the next few days. The plan is also attached to this newsletter and available on our web site. Special thanks to the committee and in particular Kathryn Wesley for the effort to prepare this important tool.

Locked Gates Update

We have funds approved to install three electric gates this year. Gates 1 and 4 have now been installed and a volunteer work crew is being assembled to install gate 2. The electrification mechanism will be installed soon.  Once this is complete we will send each owner a 4 digit code which you will require to open the gates. This code will also be available on your file on our web page if you forget it. We will report back to next years AGM with the results of the project and likely propose a further gate installation program.

‘Permanently’  Parked Vehicles

We have a number of vehicles around the estate that, for one reason or another, appear to be here forever. They are unsightly and dangerous in the event of natural disasters such as fire or debris flows. LLE has a bylaw that requires each and every vehicle parked at LLE to have either current insurance or storage insurance.  For those of you that have neither and wish that vehicle could just disappear we may have an answer. We are currently negotiating to have a lot of these vehicles removed in November. If you have such a vehicle and would like it to be junked please e mail us ASAP through our web site and we will work with you to see if we can make this program work. We need to know soon so that we have an idea how many vehicles might require junking.


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