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Electric Gates for Gate 5 & 6

As part of our ongoing gate installation program at LLE, Paul and groups of volunteers, are installing locked electric gates at Gate 5 and 6 this year.

At Gate 6, a team has completed the footings and the gates will be hung in the near future. Volunteers will be recruited to hang the gates ASAP – if you can help please contact Paul.

Paul can be reached at:

At Gate 5, a team felled a cluster of trees to create a proper gate location. Paul is hoping to gather a team of volunteers to pour the footings on June 21st. If you can help please drop Paul a note asap.

Both gates will be powered by solar. The panels will also be installed in the near future.

Access to the gates, once they are completed, will be by keypad or FOB on the way in. Exit can be either by fob or activation of an auto sensor installed in the ground.

The code is the same for all gates 5757#.

Fobs can now be purchased at a cost of $21/FOB. If you wish to order 1 or more please drop Gary a line at before July 1st. and we will distribute the fobs to your cabin on the long weekend.

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