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LLE Shareholders                                                                                       Jan 20, 2016

Re: BC Assessments

You will all have received your 2016 Property Assessment Notice by now.

For some it was a nice note because your assessments stayed the same as 2015 or went down. However, for most owners with buildings the assessment went up.

This was somewhat of a surprise to the board because the property value of DL 4901, the collective property was reduced in 2015 by about 20% as a result of an appeal led by one of our volunteers Bill Hamilton. At that time Bill had been led to believe that the building valuations for affect lots would also be reduced in 2015. The affected lots are indicated by red/purple colouring on the newly installed forestry road warning signs.

Further, I was contacted by one of the assessors this fall who informed me that he was paying a visit to our community. At that time I reviewed the Notice on Title and the impact it was having on many who would like to sell but had at least temporarily lost most of their equity at least until the recommendations of the BGC engineers were implemented. He seemed to understand.

It is important to understand that the BC Assessment Authority sets the assessed value, which is a crown corporation. This group has no relationship with local governments such as the SLRD. However, the SLRD will use the assessments when setting the taxes for 2016. Obviously other communities in the SLRD will be experiencing similar changes in their assessments.

The board cannot enter an appeal on your behalf for the valuation of your buildings. If you are unhappy with the new assessment you must appeal yourself. I have added a copy of the appeal notice on our web site, which must be filed before Feb 1st. This appeal can be done by fax, email or letter. You can go to the web site of the BC Assessment if you wish to learn more.


I have added a section re: BC Assessment on our web site. This section includes a spreadsheet prepared by our treasurer Mike Bjelos that contains the assessments for all our shareholders. Finally I added a piece collected by Bill indicating the initial assessment plan which differs from the final version.

If you appeal would you please send a copy to Bill Hamilton at bill.hannacommercial@gmail.com. Bill will play an active observer role for us as these appeals go through.

Yours truly,

Gary Young

President- LLE

N.B. – Please set March 17 on your calendar for our 2016 AGM

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