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AGM – 2016

2015 Minutes of LLE Annual General Meeting

2016 Lillooet Lake Estates AGM

(March 17, 2016)

North Vancouver District Hall 355 West Queens Rd

North Vancouver BC


6:45 PM     Register for meeting – submit proxies etc.

7:15 PM Call to Order of LLE AGM

  • Election of gate reps to 2016 Board of Directors

7:30 PM Declaration of Quorum

  • Introduction of Board of Directors

7:40 PM                Approval of Minutes of 2015 AGM – Bob Prior

7:45 PM Reports

  1. Presidents Report
    • LLE web site
    • U.C
    • BC Assessments – Bill Hamilton
    • Home Owners Grant – Robie Thorn
    • update on slide mitigation
  2. Treasurers Report – Mike Bjelos


  • Approval of Financial Statements for 2015
  • Approval of Proposed 2016 Budget
  • Management of LLE debtors
  1. Public Works Committee Report – Robie Thorn


  1. Fire and Safety – Daniel Jensen


  • Community Safety Plan – Bob Prior


  1. Governance Committee – Jodie


8:45 PM Any New Business


9:00 PM Adjournment


Principles to Guide Mitigation Work

(approved at 2015 AGM)


  • Mitigation of the risk is essential
  • Achieving the 1:10,000 level or risk is essential.
  • This is a problem that flows from Crown land – so it is a government responsibility to make right
  • There should be no loss of lots as a result of the remediation steps
  • The work must lead to protection for all shareholders
  • If the work is a diversion to outside LLE, we cannot have any lots that do not meet the 1:10.000 standard
  • The work must be done in a timely fashion
  • The adopted mitigation strategy must ensure long term viability of the community
  • The mitigation work should be at a level that ensure that the notice on title submitted by the SLRD can and will be removed.
  • Risk being equal, we should adopt the approach that has the least direct impact on natural beauty and community enjoyment of common property
  • LLE has done nothing to create or contribute to this risk
  • This is not an issue of blame, but an issue of taking responsibility
  • The cost to repair lies with government
  • The risk is not limited to LLE – also impacts on those using the FSR (e.g. FN, Hydro lines and logging companies)
  • The government is responsible for ongoing maintenance/liability




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