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2019 Annual General Meeting – Official Notice

The 2019 AGM will be held on Thursday May 9th. ( see following draft agenda)

              Draft Meeting Agenda

May 9th, 2019

North Vancouver District Hall

355 West Queens Rd

North Vancouver BC

Please note that all reports relating to this meeting will be posted on the LLE web site in the AGM section, 2 weeks prior to the meeting  at

Proxies will also be available on the web site to mail or pass to shareholder of your choice if you cannot attend.

In an effort to reduce paper re meeting reports, you are asked to bring your own copy/ device or simply follow the various presentations at the meeting.

6:30 PM  Register for meeting – Look for your gate number at registration table – submit proxies etc.

6:45 PM – Gate elections

7:00 PM – AGM

1) Call to Order of LLE AGM

2) Declaration of Quorum

3) Election of New Board – Gate meetings    

4) Introduction of 2018 & 2019 Boards of Directors

5) Approval of Minutes of 2018 AGM – Kim Wong

6) Treasurers Report – Robie Thorn

a) Financial Statements for 2018

Recommendation: That the 2018 Financial Statements be adopted as distributed

Moved by Robie Thorn

b) Proposed 2018 Budget

Recommendation: That the 2018 budget be adopted as distributed

Moved by Robie Thorn

c) Management of LLE debtors

Recommendation: For information

d) Payments of property taxes – Bill Hamilton / Robie Thorn

Recommendation: For information

7) Public Works Committee Report – Robie Thorn

    a) Water and Road update – Paul Palmer

     b) Fire Suppression update

Recommendation: For information

8) Fire and Safety – Daniel Jensen

    a) New LLE Emergency Plan – Kathryn Wesley

Recommendation: For information

9) Governance Report – Bill Hamilton

Minor revisions to our Trust Indenture

Recommendation: To amend the Trust Indenture

Moved: Bill Hamilton

10) Tree Report – Chris Malthaner

Recommendation: For information

11) Presidents Report – Gary Young

   a) Heather Jean application for bare land strata update

      Recommendation: To continue to monitor

   b) Cataline Project update

      Recommendation: For information

   c) Forest Service Road update

      Recommendation: For information

   d) Strawberry Point Camp Site update

      Recommendation: For information

12) Any New Business

13) Adjournment   9:15 PM

Recommendation: Motion to Adjourn



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