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2015 AGM

Dear Shareholders, Dec 23rd, 2014

Please mark Jan. 28th on your calendar to attend our 2015 AGM. It will be held in the Council Chamber at the District of North Vancouver, 355 West Queens Rd, North Vancouver. Please come sharp at 7pm to hear the engineers report re the slide.

The new Lillooet lake Web site has been completed and is at

If you have given us your email address we have sent you an invitation to join the new site along with a user name and password. If you have not already gone onto the web site please do so ASAP and update your personal profile and change your password as you see fit. You can do this by clicking on your name which will appear on the upper right corner of the screen. If you did not receive a user name and password please drop me a note and I will send a new one out. Cataline no longer works as a password. In those cases where there are multiple owners of a share we will send to the e mail address that we have and ask you to distribute.

The firm of BGC Engineering was retained this past spring by the SLRD utilizing funds from the Govt. of BC to study the slide situation re Cataline Creek.

The study is now posted in draft form on our web site. The full report is over 200 pages which is one of the reasons we are not printing and mailing it out. The engineer and a rep from the SLRD will be present at our AGM to present the report and gather feedback.

The board is now focused on how we reduce risk to life and property through some form of mitigation work. As well we are interested in how we can help restore some of the value that has been lost for various lots. The engineers have proposed some potential solutions in their report.

Please go on line, read the report and post your comments as soon as possible. On Jan 10th the Board of Directors will meet again and prepare a set of recommendations for the shareholders to consider at our AGM.

All AGM materials will be posted on this site in the AGM section after our Jan 10 board meeting.

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