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Hydro Update – September 2005

A meeting with Hydro officials and some directors of LLE was held to discuss the possibility of a power line extension to LLE from Joffrey Creek.  The main area of concern is the difficulty of constructing the line along the narrow rock bluff road.  A suggested solution to the problem was to construct a submarine, which would eliminate that difficulty.  A letter was sent to an electrical engineering consulting firm to determine the efficacy of the plan.  Their reply was that the line installation would typically be twice the cost of the land line and that any maintenance

Hydro Update – May 2005

Since the last AGM progress on the dealings with BC Hydro to service our area has continued.  There are several issues to deal with and I will outline them for you.

Micro-Hydro Systems & the Development's Waterworks

We all struggle with the lack of commercially available hydropower. Some of us have resorted to propane appliances and lights, some of us have installed solar systems, and others rely on generators. Sometimes a combination of these alternatives is deployed. In all cases, we learn to conserve what is so abundant and cheap in almost all communities in BC.

Hydro News – April 2004

The engineer did a preliminary analysis of the power distribution system that would be needed to service Lillooet Lake Estates. The system will be designed in accordance with BC Hydro’s specifications so that connection to the main service will be safe and reliable. The engineer will require specific information regarding electrical loads. This must be known to determine transformer size, wire size, etc.

Hydro Report – March 2004 AGM

By George Henry

Last year, after the survey by BC Hydro to lay out a pole line to Lillooet Lake Estates was completed, we continued our efforts to determine what the costs would be for this service. We asked Hydro to recommend an engineer who would prepare a distribution plan for the subdivision. Due to staff changes and assignments at their office, our requests were placed at the bottom of the pile and it is only recently that our application for power extension was revisited.