Hiking Trails

Cataline Creek Crossing

A short trail cuts across from Gate 2 to Gate 6. It starts at the Gate 2 road between lots 106 and 108. It joins the Gate 6 road by the bend in the road by lot 139. It is not well marked but has been opened up because of the LLE water project. It is a nice way to cross between Gate 2 and Gate 6 without having to go down to the forestry road. The LLE Maintenance Committee has proposed the construction of a footbridge over the creek to improve the safety of the creek crossing.

Mennonite Trail

For a longer hike, how about the “Mennonite Trail”? This starts directly across from the logging road at Gate 1 and climbs to about the 3000-foot level on the mountain. The higher regions are a bit brushy and, in some places, only marked by tape. One can walk on up through open forest to the alpine at 5000 feet. To find the start, the logging road, going south, climbs a steep hill and makes a left hand bend just across from Gate 1. There is a kind of open scoop in the bank, like a miniature gravel pit on the inside of this bend. The trail cuts up through this scoop and crosses under the power lines beyond. The trail beneath the power lines can be difficult to follow because the brush under the power lines grows quickly. The diligent searcher will find the trail going up through the open forest above the power lines.

Short Trail at Gate 6

For a short jaunt from Gate 6, a trail leaves the road opposite lot 154, following a cat track, then turning off to the right. When it returns to the cat track, look for a turnoff to the left just before the power line. The trail ends on the logging road at the bottom of the hill.

Alternative Route at Gate 6

Another trail, very steep at one point, leaves the Gate 6 road at the top corner of lot 154, running level off into Crown land for a bit and then winds all the way down the hill to meet the other trail near the logging road.