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Lillooet Lake Estates comprises approx. 110 acres of un-subdivided land on the northeast side of Lillooet Lake in the traditional territory of the Lil’wat People. Lillooet Lake Estates is about seven kilometres southeast of Highway 99 on the Lillooet Lake Road, also know as the In-SHUCK-ch Forest Service Road (formerly known as the Pemberton – Douglas Forest Service Road).

In effect, the estate or “community” is an unincorporated village. The administrator is a company called Lillooet Lake Estates Ltd., which serves as a form of village government as a result of the founding of the estates through a Land Use Contract in the 1970’s with the Squamish Lillooet Regional District.

The Company is run by a Board of Directors who are elected annually by means of a “section” or “ward” system whereby 6 neighbourhood groups of property owners elect 2 representatives each in order to form a group of 12 Directors.

About 150 sites are allocated to shareholders, and most have built improvements ranging from sheds, to trailers to houses. Approx. two dozen families enjoy year-round living here, while the community becomes more popular during the summer months.

Lillooet Lake Estates Ltd. acts like a strata property manager and provides municipal services for the residents of Lillooet Lake Estates such as water, road improvements, fire protection, snow clearing, etc.

Effective July 1, 2024, the Land Use Contract is being superseded by the SLRD bylaws.

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